The newly established online store FUEGO.SK has the task of bringing to the market a wide portfolio of products in the field of electronics and office supplies.

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To design a functional and modern design for a newly established online store with great ambitions to become the ecommerce leader of the Slovak market in a wide product portfolio.

Starting to build an online store on a green field requires a thorough analysis of the competitive environment, creating a person or defining customer needs that needed to be taken into account when designing.

Gabriel Vojtko



We reflected all the information obtained in the web design with regard to the primary goal of the online store, which is to maximize the sales of a wide portfolio of products. UX and UI were at a very high level in this case, as the resulting design must be competitive.

Improved pagination

Navigation: From the initial communication with the client, it was clear that this is a serious project that offers a wide range. We have designed the navigation so that it is clear and easy to use even with a large amount. Here we paid particular attention to the mobile version, so that the use of navigation is clear.

Increasing credibility: A very important aspect of this project was building credibility. As this is a completely new brand, it was necessary for e-shop users to gain the trust of the seller. We have thoughtfully placed the various elements in the design to provide users with the necessary information at every step of the purchasing process.

Slider products: An interesting element of design are the so-called product sliders in different parts of the e-shop. When designing the product slider, we focused on the basic human trait, which is curiosity. It is the curiosity of users that we have incorporated in the last visible product, which is not visible in its entirety and thus encourages you to click on the arrow that scrolls through other products. This will keep the user who is not yet determined to buy longer on the e-shop and increase the probability that we will be interested in other assortments.

Search and filter: User behavior is increasingly focused on full-text search and filtering. It was very important that the design of the search, whisper, but also the filtration remained clear even with a large number of assortment and offered relevant information. For this reason, we also processed a functional analysis and a proposal for how product search and filtering should work. One of the filter properties is that each category has defined product priority properties, which are displayed in the filter sidebar. We have moved less important parameters to the window with all parameters. Here, together with the development team, we did not have it easy, as the systems with which the e-shop was to communicate did not always provide the necessary information and it was necessary to devise functional alternatives.

Responsiveness: “Mobile first”. We followed this rule throughout the wireframe design process as well as the design itself. Today, mobile traffic accounts for more than 70% of all visits. Therefore, it was necessary that the resulting design of the e-shop was friendly for use on mobile devices as well as desktop.

A/B Testing

We regularly tested the applicability of the proposals in a sample of 300 people, with a ratio of women to men of 40:60 and the age of respondents ranged from 19 to 54 years.

A/B testing of checkout, header and slider products

Content builder

Shortly after the launch of the online store, there was a request to create a drag & drop builder for static sites. As the e-commerce development itself was overseen by an internal team in Fuego, it was necessary to ensure that the content creation module we created was compatible with the technologies used in the e-commerce development and the deployment of the module was seamless.

We have also created several pre-prepared blocks for e-commerce administrators, the layout of elements into several columns, texts, images or embedding. Thanks to our solution, it is possible to quickly and easily create and edit static pages as well as funnel pages for advertising campaigns.

Development supervision

We have used our many years of experience in the development of e-shops during the entire process of the pre-implementation phase, the e-commerce development phase and after the implementation of e-commerce in production. Throughout, we supervised and commented on the method of implementation of the proposed design and functionalities, also from the point of view of subsequent marketing activities. We regularly audited the implementation of frontend and backend e-shop programming.

Marketing strategy

We are able to offer our clients comprehensive services, from initial analysis, through web design and development to the design of marketing strategy and its implementation. It was no different in this case either. For Fuego, we designed and implemented several advertising campaigns across the digital and media space.

As this was a new brand, it was necessary to design a marketing strategy to promote brand awareness, but to start selling early on. We are at home in digital, so the Google and Facebook advertising networks were the foundation. Since we have been in marketing for some time now, we also have great relationships with people from the media space. Thanks to that, we were able to completely cover both the video and the radio spot.

The goal of the marketing strategy was to create brand awareness, secure sales to end consumers and build relationships and trust with customers.

We used video advertising to create awareness of the Fuego brand, thanks to which we ensured a high number of views at a relatively low cost. We also followed up on the video campaign with radio spots and supported awareness-building with targeted large-format display advertising (eg 300x600px) on the Google AdWords content network (GDN).

We will gain potential customers mainly through performance ppc advertising in Google Ads and on Facebook focused on active sales.

We used the Google Ads search network to reach potential customers who are actively searching for products. We used targeted display display ads on the Google Ads network to reach the customers who were most likely to buy. Customers who don't make a purchase on the first visit will be reminded at the right time and in the right place through dynamic remarketing on the Google Ads content network and Facebook.

We also used price comparators and a newsletter to achieve the defined goals.

Ideamaking of YouTube & TV campaign

As part of the marketing strategy, together with the management of Fuego and Lukáš from Leaf-animation.cz, we worked together to create a draft idea for the entry spot, the aim of which was curiosity, interest and awareness of the Fuego brand. The spot in its final form, including complete animation, was prepared by Leaf-animation.cz.

The devil is cupping in hell and suddenly notices a large door with the inscription Fuego. He looks at the inscription with great curiosity and reads it excitedly and a little uncertainly [F-UUU-EE-G-O]. He sees if no one sees him, secretly opens the door and enters the bottom. But it is quite dark there and nothing is visible. Just the outlines of some boxes stacked on shelves. However, the devil is curious and wants to open them to find out what is in them. Curiously, he asks himself what is going on in those boxes. I'm almost unpacked and how will he try to pull out the box that hides in it, the screen with the prompt "What is hiding in secret hell warehouses?" Will find out on Fuego.sk

Michal Vojtko

CEO, Marketing specialist, CREALAB

Purchase of media space for a radio campaign

For the radio spot, we used the services of the Radio Services radio network, which includes the radio stations Rádio Anténa Rock, Europa 2, Rádio Jemné, Rádio Vlna. In the "last week's audience" parameter, this radio network achieved an audience of 39.9% (1,785,000), thus overtaking Slovak Radio (RTVS) with its six circuits.

We chose radiomix Europa 2, Jemné and Vlna for the radio campaign. This mix gave us the best meaning within the defined target group and reach. The creation of the audio spot took place in close cooperation with the internal Fuego.sk team

54 days

Campaign duration

20 seconds

Spot duration

15 - 54

Age group

3,080 mil.

Audience range


Total spots


Total broadcast