Hey, we're crealab. hand

We are a team of creative people who don’t settle for average solutions. We don’t only create web pages, graphic design or advertising campaigns. We create comprehensive solutions that work.

CREALAB in numbers
  • Dozens of clients not only from Slovakia.

  • Across platforms, we have managed clients' media budgets with an aggregate value of more than 1 million euros.

  • The highest year-on-year increase achieved by the client
    2021 vs 2020: Increase from 8871 to 24087 (2.71x) in the number of orders and increase from 283159 euros to 700978 euros (2.48x) in the value of orders.

  • Most orders achieved in one month with one client
    December 2021: 4728 orders with a value of 174282 euros at a cumulative ROAS of 10.

We love our job and will never stop at any challenge.

In our opinion, it's not just about having a good idea; it's about having the right one, one that works and creates value for our clients.

We always try to deliver at least a little more than we promise 😊.

“We are very satisfied with the booklet and the overall graphics. Colours were used well; the cooperation was very good, proposed ideas were creative and effective.”

Milan Kováč

A singer, Rock Reunion

“This way I would like to thank Gabriel Vojtko very much for his willingness and great help with editing and setting up our web page. Thank you for our great cooperation.”

Helena Jochmanová

Real estate assistant, Remax

“I was very satisfied with the cooperation. The team members took their job seriously from the beginning up to the very end. They understood very quickly what our main goals on the project were and implementation of their ideas.”

Daniel Melichárek

CEO, Slovakia Product

“I am satisfied with the result. Everything I needed was delivered, even with extras beyond the agreed conditions. Our communication was also flawless. I will definitely use your services again later in the future if necessary.”

Matej Valo

CEO, Sport-Fashion

“We would like to thank team for prompt solutions for our requests. They bring many creative ideas that increase the value of our web pages. We have definitely found a reliable partner.”

Peter Tanuška

CEO, 3Dpera

“Thank you for your great approach and professional help with my web page.”

Drahos Madar

CEO, UJanosa

“Very helpful and prompt in communication. I appreciate that a lot. It is not usual to see this kind of approach every day.”

Petr Jančárek


“Willingness, professional approach, expertise. I’m giving a huge LIKE.”

Sindy Šimonová


“Willing approach, work done quickly, I am very thankful and satisfied – I strongly recommend!”

Viki Kačmárová