Video production

Promotional video

Videos have never been more popular than nowadays. Not only on TV, but also on social networks such as YouTube and Facebook, video is one of the favourite ways of communication. Video is also a great advertising tool, which can represent your company better than anything else. Promo videos, recruiting videos or short reports about the current events at your company, can become an effective way of attracting the attention of your potential customers or job seekers. Moreover, in the age of social networks that we live in, a well created promo video has the potential of becoming viral – thus, your target customer group will share and spread your video without any further investment.

Propagačné video, strih a postprodukcia

Comprehensive video services

We will provide you with all the aspects necessary for a successful video. We will design a creative scenario, direct and shoot using state-of-the-art techniques. Of course there is finalizing in the form of cut and postproduction.

Why a promotional video from CREALAB?

  • We work with experienced cameramen and photographers
  • We use state-of-the-art photo-video technology, including drones for aerial images
  • Postproduction in the hands of professionals
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