Google AdWords Advertising

Make the most of your advertising potential in Google AdWords

  • Google AdWords is the largest and most effective PPC advertising platform in the world
  • Possible reach on the content network to over 90% of all Internet users
  • With Google AdWords, you can reach a wide range of potential customers almost instantly
  • Wide range of targeting options will allow you to reach those people you are interested in
  • Support for various ad formats (text, image, video)
  • The ability to track performance and results virtually instantly
  • Increased efficiency and lower costs compared to classic advertising You decide how much you invest.
Potenciál reklamy v Google AdWords
AdWords reklama od špecialistov

Get more from your campaigns. Advertise your AdWords ad with a specialist

  • We are a Google Partners Certified Agency. We have more than 6 years of experience with both larger and smaller advertising campaigns
  • It depends on your success. We realize that we can only grow with the success of our clients. That's why we focus on performance and results
  • Do you need to increase sales volume or improve awareness? PPC campaign will be tailor made to your goals and requirements
  • Your campaign will be in the hands of a certified specialist
  • We are a comprehensive online marketing agency and we also love websites and analytics in addition to PPC ads. That's why we know how important your UX and the landing page of your website can be to the overall performance of your campaign. We will advise you on all aspects
  • Prompt communication and willing access is a matter of course for us

Comprehensive service for your ad campaign

We will provide you with the following individual needs:

  • Set up your Google Analytics account and link it to Google AdWords
  • Set up conversion goals and events
  • Define a remarketing audience
  • Input analysis of keywords
  • Define basic negative keywords
  • Revised Account Structure (Breakdown into Campaigns and Ad Groups for Highest Relevance)
  • PCampaigns preparation in search net
  • Remarketing in search net
  • Create ads and their A / B testing. Add ad extensions to increase performance and competitiveness (e.g., extension for phone number, address, informational descriptions, subpages, prices)
  • Ad campaign on the content network (GDN) depending on your goals
  • Classic or dynamic remarketing on the content network
  • Set up targeting and other advanced settings
  • Testing and optimizing on a regular basis. Optimization includes, for example, A / B ad testing, bid adjustment, tracking search queries and identifying new relevant or negative keywords, optimizing bid prices for devices, locations, demographic groups, and more.
Google AdWords kupón 75€ zadarmo

FREE 75€ voucher for new accounts

Do you have a new AdWords account (no older than 14 days)? Use our services and get a one-time 75€ credit voucher as a bonus for free. It is activated after investing at least 25€ within 30 days from submitting the voucher.

We are conversion hunters. We focus on performance and results.

Additional services for even better results

Did you know that unsuitable landing page (the one the ad is redirected to) can rob you of conversions and lower the overall performance of the whole campaign? At CREALAB we will create or adjust your landing page on your web page in order to suit the campaign and bring as many conversions as possible.

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